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Textbooks Welcome to XLCampus Textbook Marketplace, where you can sell your used textbooks to students or buy any textbooks at reduced prices directly from students within your own campus or across the country! It's much easier than posting up flyers on bulletin boards. So sell your unwanted textbooks for some cash by Placing Your Ads here today. It's FREE, EASY and EFFECTIVE!

 Most Recent Ads 
Book Title Price
ISM for Mathematical Proofs: A Transition to Advanced Mathematics 0321...$44.99
Instructors Resource Manual with Tests - Introductory Algebra 3E 01322...$44.99
TB - Experiencing Intro & Intermediate Algebra Through Functions & Gra...$44.99
ISM - Experiencing Intro & Intermediate Algebra Through Functions & Gr...$44.99
IRM - Experiencing Intro & Intermediate Algebra Through Functions & Gr...$44.99
Instructors Solutions Manual - Beginning Algebra 7E 0321578120 9780321...$44.99
Test Bank - Beginning Algebra 7E 0321578147 9780321578143$44.99
Instructors Resource Manual - Beginning Algebra: Early Graphing 2E 032...$44.99
Instructors Solutions Manual - Beginning Algebra: Early Graphing 2E 03...$44.99
Test Bank - Beginning Algebra: Early Graphing 2E 0321578201 9780321578...$44.99
Instructors Resource Manual - Elementary Algebra 2E 0321589580 9780321...$44.99
Instructors Solutions Manual - Elementary Algebra 2E 0321589572 978032...$44.99
Test Bank - Elementary Algebra 2E 0321593103 9780321593108$44.99
ISM - Elementary Algebra: Concepts and Applications 8E 0321567323 9780...$44.99
Test Bank - Elementary Algebra: Concepts and Applications 8E 032156736...$44.99
Test Bank - Elementary Algebra: Concepts and Applications 8E 032156739...$44.99
Test Bank - Basic College Mathematics 4E 0321646630 9780321646637$35.99
Instructors Solutions Manual - Basic Mathematics 0321374339 9780321374...$35.99
Test Bank - Basic Mathematics 0321374363 9780321374363$35.99

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Sell Your Textbooks

If you have unwanted used textbooks and looking for a marketplace to sell your books to other college students, you have come to the right place. Selling textbooks on XLCampus is absolutely free and easy. Simply sign up for a free account and you can start posting as many textbook ads as you want. Other college students, within your university or across the country, that are interested in your textbooks will contact you directly. No middlemen needed, no fees and no hassles. So sell your used textbooks for cash today!

Buy Half Price & Cheap Textbooks

If you are looking for cheap used textbooks that are half the price of new textbooks, you have found the right place. Why pay full price for new textbooks at your campus book store when you get can the same book for half the price or less? Why are the textbooks here so cheap? That's because all of the textbook Ads here are posted by other college students who no longer need those books. So you are buying directly from your fellow students.

Just for Students

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Sell your textbooks for cash!

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